Welcome to Women Awakening – a continuing, evolving online journal for an awakening, growing community!  I have long wondered about the power of contagion of an awakened collective… and from its roots in the Women Gathering Google Group, we are coming to know how quickly lives can change!  I look forward to spending time with you in the coming days, weeks and months; and trust that it will all unfold as it should.

My life is filled with amazing women!  In mid-year 2006, after having worked with both women and men for more than 15 years, I decided that my life was committed to working with women.  In the good company of many others, I believe strongly that the future rests in the hands of women.  Not just ‘the future’ as a philosophy but ‘the future’ as in next week, next month, next year; as in ‘our future’; as in the notion of the world and the tomorrow that we are building as a species.  Women need to awaken and insist that their voices be heard and honored in the design of our global collectives.

Time is moving fast!  My mother (who’s 86) has seen remarkable things happen in her lifetime.  We’ve seen more change in the last 50 years than in  all the years preceding that!  In our time, we’ve witnessed a massive shift in global consciousness as a result of President Obama moving into the White House.  His election has shaken the world – and there is more to come!

Glaciers are melting.  Sea levels are on the rise.  Food shortages are already being felt in many places in the world.

Cars are going green!  Our patterns of consumption are changing, a result of choosing to be awake when we buy rather than buying while in a coma of mindless indulgence.

Women are the gateway to a new and much more powerful way to live – for ourselves, for our children and for the people we love.  As I have said so many times before, it is not that there is anything wrong with men – it’s that there is so much right with women!  Over the years, I have noticed in my work with men that they had so much more to lose (at least, in their perception – and that’s really all that matters) with significant change, and women have so much to gain.  I have come to conclude that the fastest, most effective path to change for men is through the women who love them.  That means that for the men in your life, it’s up to you.

I believe that women gathering in small groups, talking… is a force that shapes culture.  For eons, women have gathered in the simplest of ways : in conversations across the kitchen table; in chats over tea or coffee at the local coffee shop; in restaurants and each others homes before or after an event or a busy day!  This ages-old habit of women gathering in small groups… small clusters of 3 or 5 or 7… is an unseen, often unwitnessed and greatly untapped for that is already shaping culture.  What we talk about with each other goes on to shape how we live.  Perhaps the time has come to awaken to the power of this force, recognize it for what it is and with mindful intention, harness its potential.  THAT’s what this is all about!

In this group, you’ll find women gathering in small groups, talking… about themselves, about their lives and about the world they desire to create. You’ll meet women who have learned how to recognize that their live are about them and no-one else.  Their challenges and their joys are of their own creation.  And their world is one that is manifested from the inside, out.

You’ll find conversations that are rooted in a trust of self and other.  Conversations that with mindful intention are designed to press the edges of existing awareness; to challenge ourselves and how we think about the things we think about.  Conversations that speak to and encourage : what if??  Why not?? Who else???

What you’ll not find in this space is women complaining about their lives, victims to their circumstances or surroundings.  In a holographic universe, we are creators of it all!  In these conversations, we’ll explore and discover and share with each other just how potent we are in the manifestation and design of our own lives.

I encourage you to share this space with the women in your life who matter to you.  Call to you and gather around you the women you really want to spend time with.  Be bold!  Ask these amazing women in your life if they’re looking for more powerful, more meaningful and more evocative and compelling conversations… and then create them!  BE the attractor for these conversations to begin in your world rather than waiting for someone else to start them so that you can find them.  When I think back in my own life, I know that I spent at least 12 years of my life looking for ‘the right group’ to be part of until one day, I realized that I was not going to find it if I didn’t create it!

I know personally many of the women who come to this place.  They are awake!  They are also courageous, funny, loving, compassionate, daring, compelling, provocative, intuitive, creative, innovative, kick-ass women!  They are open, clear, honest and direct.  They are willing and able.  They know how to live in the Spirit of Aloha… know how to invite and allow.  They welcome and encourage and embrace discovery, in themselves and in others.

Should you choose to be in this place, not only will you be in good company, you’ll BE the good company the rest of us are in!

Be bold!  Live large!  And know that when you stand for what is authentic for you, look around – you are never alone.  We’ll be there with you.

Enjoy – and I’ll see you here!


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