Life in the Fast Lane

Here I am in 2012 and January has already come and gone. Imagine! I am already standing in February and what I am noticing, as my life unfolds, breath to breath, is that my experience of living is becoming more intense and way, way more rapid. I have moments, when I simply choose to stop, so that my body can catch up with me.

Somehow, it all seems pretty funny to me, when I think of it… I have the image of a cartoon-like caboose hanging on for dear life to the engine of a great train blowing steam, in hot pursuit of a new way of being down an uncertain track… not willing to not be part of the  unknowns that it will meet along the way. When the engine chooses to slow down to a stop, then the caboose actually discovers that it can, indeed, catch up.

Paradoxically, none of it is true! Interconnected, there is nothing for the caboose to catch up to; caboose and engine and everything in between is the continuum, the process of being ONE. The rest is all illusion. Maybe, even that is, too. Our illusions are the ‘stuff’ of how we define our lives as ‘real’, yet none of it, to me, is ‘real’.

Yup! It IS all pretty funny… and makes ‘real’ – for me – my experience of my life as being ONE  in the fast lane! :o)


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  1. tmintegration
    Feb 06, 2012 @ 18:26:36

    First, I would like to say Hello to everyone. I am so glad to have found you! I learned of this space when Louise posted this entry on Facebook and I deeply resonate with Sheila’s words.

    I’d like to share my experience of the interconnectedness she speaks of. Although, my experience does not take place in the fast lane, I am thrilled to hear that it can find you there as well 🙂

    Today I experienced myself as the gust of wind outside of my window.

    I decided to take a moment to STOP, tune in and simply listen for myself. All was quiet when suddenly, up came a roaring wind outside and my body filled with shivers and tremors. Startled! I gasped…let a big breathe out and with the next breathe came the next wave. No story to speak of or get lost in…just sensation and finally..Tears.

    I have no idea what moved through me today but I am clear on one thing. The Wind and the Wave were not separate. They were ONE and only seen as two after the fact. In the body, there was no doubt of this.

    With no barriers it all blew through me…I was the wind, I was the shivers and I was the tears.


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