Lots has been happening/moving lately. Two deaths, two illnesses, computer broke, basketball tournament, renovating the house, and starting my own business (Inspiring Leadership). Boy, I could create a lot of drama around this, and a lot of sympathy! However, in the middle of this “chaos”, I continue to breathe, for that is all I have-this moment and this breath. I move into this “chaos” (just a label) and let it rumble around inside of me and I am pleasantly surprised, for I am calibrating for My needs first, then I am able to be there for others. I also know that every moment is perfect as it is, and there is nothing for me to do except be mySelf and breathe. When my body is open and relaxed, the insights come, and whatever I need to know/do comes to me in the perfect time/space sequence. Life really is that easy and that good!


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