Yesterday, I had a pity party. I had some things I wanted done around the house, and my hubby went golfing, I didn’t tell him of my wishes, but perceived he should have known. So I spent about two hours being mad at him when he came home, even though I didn’t express my feelings to him. That’s like me drinking poison hoping hubby will get sick from it. Then it hit me. Wait, this is a mirror for me. What is it about this that has me so agitated? Hubby chose to have fun on the holiday weekend, and I chose to stay home and do chores. Two different choices. Hmmm. My choice, his choice, he had fun and I didn’t. I forgot to ask mySelf, “Am I having fun?” And if the answer was no, then I could have chosen to call a friend or go for a walk on the beach. I chose to stay home and feel sorry for mySelf. The good news is the pity party only lasted for a few hours and I can now laugh at mySelf and move on. Yeah, my evolution never ends, thank goodness!


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