Standing alone

I stand alone this morning in this realization that my life is mine and I cannot “fix” or “help” anyone person no matter how much they mean to me. I cannot make them see differently and choose differently, until they are actually ready to choose for themSelves. I stand alone with this overwhelming feeling of despair and I choose to own that, as it is all mine. That’s all I can do: be mySelf and know that I am scared and it hurts and it sucks and I wish I could… and at the same time knowing that You are your own Godforce and you need to live the life of your choosing and I need to respect that.

Interesting how at the same time what shoes up is “what makes you think you could? Who are you to think you could?”  – yes, that old, not quite as familiar anymore, feeling of doubt shows up.

It’s strange how this feels soooo old. This feeling of loneliness and abandonment. It’s not even helplessness, it’s just this loneliness…And another wave comes…and it comes with a fire breath. And now my body is stable and I know I am more, and I am ready to create another day where I get to be ME! That IS quite an amazing life.

Wonderful day ladies!



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  1. Crowing Crone Joss
    Jul 16, 2011 @ 23:08:43

    walk in beauty.


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