creating my own life

I am discovering new shifts in me lately as I am moving through another transition in my outside world, I know that I am also experiencing a transition in my inner world. The process of being willing and able to listen and trust without a doubt that my inner world is reflected on my outer world and that my inner world offers without trying messages on how to move forward is becoming so much more evident. A couple weeks ago I had an insight pop up out of no where of a mistake that I had done without realizing it. Later when I checked my email I had gotten an email around the same time that I had that pop into my awareness. What is that? It just goes to show me that we are far bigger than what we know. This whole notion of become something in the outer world has been really making huge shifts in my experience over the last little while for me. I am finding myself making new choices that go against my old beliefs of what I should be and what I should do. These new choices are mine and by my own creation from my spirit. I know that becuase I recognize the shift and how right it feels to me. Engaging my outter world seemed so challenging and yet now it seems so much easier for me. I am currently entering a new conversation around the topic of life partner. I am looking forward to engaging that conversation outload with someone who is in my life. The impulse has been presenting for me to engage that conversation and I started too recently. The invitation for it to continue was matched. I am excited to see what I can manifest for myself in it. I am happy to be part of this site. I am also very happy to have been introduced to this perspective/ body of knowledge. I have tried it for myself and have ended up creating my own path discovering what I really want and not feeling badly for it if it doesn’t match up with what I was taught I should want. There is always more and this is my own personal journey of me. Everyone else is on their own and I am glad to share mine with others and have others share theirs with me.


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  1. ljweiss
    Jul 14, 2011 @ 19:49:46

    Sara, having just posted a new blog I found mySelf reading yours and I know there are no accidents and that we are all connected. I too am making different choices from what I once knew and believed stepping into the unknown, trusting mySelf implicitly. Thanks for being on my holodeck


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