The Next Wave…

Women Awakening is the next step in the never-ending journey of accelerated personal evolution!

Women Gathering in Small Groups, Talking…  (Google Group) began in November 2008.  Over almost three years, the courage of the contributors allowed us all to discover courage within ourselves.  As a result, we have all – collectively! – become more!

This Women Awakening online public Journal is testament to the simple truth that as living, organic and intelligent beings, we are never static.  Our birthright is to discover, grow, evolve and become the ‘more’ that we are destined to become.  As we become willing to live out loud – that others might see and hear the truth of our own experience – we discover that as aspects of each other’s consciousness, we can engage more fully and find the transformation we seek, rather than simply long for it.

This new space; this Women Awakening place, allows to know that we have already become what we seek!  And now, where do we want to go from here?  In the authentic expression of our unique ‘being’, the only limits are the ones we create for ourselves.


Louise LeBrun


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